ANSOAssociazione Nazionale Stampa Online (Italian: National Online Printing Association; Ancona, Italy)
ANSOAfghanistan NGO Security Office (Kabul, Afghanistan)
ANSOAssociation of Naval Services Officers
ANSOAssociation of Nordic LGBT Student Organizations
ANSOAussie-Net Solutions Online (Melbourne, Australia)
ANSOAir Navigation Services Organization
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The ANSO symposium included professional lectures and presentations from renowned speakers, including Dr.
Strategic communication" messages from foreign forces suggesting improvements in security, ANSO said, were aimed at justifying troop withdrawals to Western voters who had become increasingly weary of a war now nearly a decade old.
Militant attacks in six northern provinces increased faster than the average for all of Afghanistan, more than doubling in five and tripling in Sar-e-pol, ANSO said.
ANSO said IED attacks against NGOs were intended either to disrupt their activities or were accidental in that they were meant for government or foreign forces vehicles.
Prior to joining Nebula and Rackspace, Andrews bootstrapped ANSO Labs - the company which designed and implemented the core OpenStack cloud technologies Nova and Horizon for NASA.
ANSO also said violence was up sharply in relatively peaceful northern and western Afghanistan as well as the region surrounding Kabul, the Afghan capital, areas where international relief groups still operate with relative freedom.
While criminals were the main danger to aid workers in 2007, the data for 2008 shows that 55 per cent of the 78 attacks so far are linked to anti-government fighters, ANSO said.
ANSO fosters the growth, advancement and recognition of Hispanic officer and enlisted personnel in the uniformed naval services, encompassing the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.
Greenert took the stage and reflected on the history of Hispanic contributions to the naval services, noting former Secretary of the Navy and ANSO founder Edward Hidalgo and Adm.
We need to continue to nurture and bring this along, and ANSO is a very good source for that.