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'Ere you come, a pore mis'rable specimen of 'uman scum, an' I tykes yer into my galley an' treats yer 'ansom, an' this is wot I get for it.
JET SETTERS: Pauline Ansom and her partner of 16 years Ronald May-Russell (above) and the couple on holiday in Tenerife in 1995; HEADING FOR THE SUN: Celebrating in Corfu in 1984 (above) and a rare December in England, the couple's first Christmas together in 1984 (below)
[21.] Ansoms A and D Rostagno Rwanda's Vision 2020 halfway through: what the eye does not see.
La situacion posconflicto atrajo la atencion y el flujo de recursos internacionales, convirtiendo a Rwanda en un "donor darling" (Marysse, Ansoms y Cassimon, cit.pos.
Debido a la falta de datos es dificil determinar la relacion entre desigualdad y pobreza, pero entre 1985 y 2000 paso de ser un pais con baja desigualdad a uno con alta desigualdad (Ansoms 2006: 502).
The use of clinical instruments, such as the MAST, CAGE, and AUDIT, which were predominately standardized on adult populations of substance abusers, have also been used in studies of college drinking (Aertgeerts,, Buntiinx, Bande-Knops, Vandermeulen, Roelants, Ansoms, & Fevery, 2000; Heck & Lichtenberg, 1990; Nystrom, Perasalo, & Salaspuro, 1993; O'Hare & Sherrer, 1999).
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An Ansoms refers to this discrepancy between developmentalist interventions and their outcomes, discussing the social implications of rural engineering and the gap between Kigali's ambitions and peasants' reality.
1705 Ansoms, A., A Quantitative analysis of poverty and livelihood profiles: the case of rural Rwanda.
1706 Ansoms, A., Views from below on the pro-poor growth challenge: the case of rural Rwanda.