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ANSPAgence Nationale des Services à la Personne (French: National Agency for Services of the People)
ANSPAcademy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
ANSPAir Navigation Service Provider
ANSPAcademia Nacional de Seguros e Previdência
ANSPAcademic Network at São Paulo (Brazil)
ANSPAerospace Nuclear Safety Program
ANSPAdaptive Network Sensor Processor
ANSPAsthma Nurse Specialist
ANSPAgility Network Services Platform
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Caption: Jersey Airport's air traffic controllers had the honour of receiving the first ANSP Certificate issued by IASA.
Notification exchanges to log on to and hand off between ANSP Fans ground systems.
With a working level focus, the CANSO MEAUSE conference brings all stakeholders together - Regulators, ANSPs, Airports, Military & Civil Airspace Users and Suppliers - to join their Middle East Colleagues to discuss progress on agreed activities, to share experiences and views, to exchange best practice, to evaluate emerging issues and to jointly take the next step towards successful regional stakeholder collaboration.
Sumichrast, Pompilus confusaneus Cresson holotype, ANSP, no.
As a progressive and leading ANSP, GCAA is working with our partners to take advantage of the best practices and new technologies developing in ATM and I am sure that in the spirit of this declaration, the Middle East ANSPs will lift their capabilities to a new level.
The ANSP sector has experienced extraordinary innovation over twenty years.
ANSP 177351 (1), area rocosa 200m corriente abajo del campamento Paddle Rock, rio Essequibo, Guyanas.
Available data from the five ANSPs indicate that since commercialization, the safety of air navigation services has remained the same or improved; each ANSP has taken steps to control costs; and each ANSP has reportedly lowered costs and improved efficiency through investments in new technologies and equipment.
ANSP can be used to provide password protection to devices like printers that have no other security, or to provide an additional level of security on AppleTTalk Remote Access dial-ups or AppleShare compatible servers.
The extra built-in functionality of an impairments generator was seen as an added advantage of the tool by ANSP network designers, wanting to verify the limits of their network with respect to packet loss, latency and jitter.
Juan Ayon Alfonso, air navigation sub-director at IACC (Instituto de Aeronautica Civil de Cuba), the Cuban ANSP, spoke of plans to acquire new systems to satisfy the implementation of CAR/SAM ANP and Mauricio Boekhoudt, Strategic Advisor for Aruba Airport Authority, spoke of the work to introduce ASBU Block 0 in the region, i.