ANSSAdvanced National Seismic System (USGS)
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ANSSAnnual Simulation Symposium
ANSSAmerican Nature Study Society
ANSSAnnual Symposium on Simulation (IEEE Computer Society)
ANSSAustralian National Security Service
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Specifically, ANSS was authorized to receive $30 million in FY2005, and $36 million each year through FY2009, for a total of $174 million over five years.
According to the USGS, "the mission of ANSS is to provide accurate and timely data and information products for seismic events, including their effects on buildings and structures, employing modern monitoring methods and technologies.
The FY2010 budget request stated that the USGS plans to install a cumulative total of 822 ANSS monitoring stations by the end of 2009.
In the original conception for ANSS, approximately 6,000 of the planned stations would be installed in 26 high-risk urban areas to monitor strong ground shaking and how buildings and other structures respond.
Universities in the region typically operate the regional networks and will likely continue to do so as ANSS is implemented.
The backbone network consists of USGS-deployed instruments and other instruments that serve both ANSS and the EarthScope project (described below, under "National Science Foundation").
If fully implemented, the ANSS program would deploy about 3,000 strong-motion instruments.
When a destructive earthquake occurs in the United States or in other countries, the first reports of its location, or epicenter, (41) and magnitude originate either from the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC), or from one of the regional seismic networks that are part of ANSS.
They are considered a work in progress, but are deemed to be very promising, especially as more modern seismic instruments are added to the regional networks under ANSS and computational and telecommunication abilities improve.
1) ANSS is a nationwide network of seismographic stations operated by the USGS.
The deal will allow the buyer to expand its service offering to clients, ANSS managing director Simon Gibb noted.