ANSTOAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
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ANSTO Minerals understanding of the function of this resin, allowed the design and construction of a pilot plant at ANSTO, which was transported to BOSS Resources Honeymoon mine site in South Australia where it was operated successfully for 10 weeks.
The work undertaken by ANSTO, together with the beneficiation and simple sulphuric acid leach recovery and purification test work completed previously, has successfully demonstrated the end to end metallurgical process from mineralisation to high purity separated rare earth oxide products.
However, ANSTO security and safeguards general manager Paul Jones said there was no connection between the weekend's training exercise and the recent Boston Marathon bombings.
The main OPAL reactor was shut down as a precaution and will remain offline until deemed safe to resume operations, an ANSTO spokesman said.
DF, GJ: Institute of Environmental Research, ANSTO, PMB 1, Menai NSW 2233, Australia.
Keys Young (1997) ANSTO Community Attitudes Survey, February.
Our overall aim is to develop a quick, cost-effective analytical tool that will best serve the needs of the seafood producers, import and export industry bodies, said Dr Debashish Mazumder, ANSTO Project Lead.
The Big Ideas Forum aims to bring together students from different backgrounds and ANSTO welcomes students who are undecided about taking their STEM education further.
If it manages to pull this off, ANSTO says its newly expanded and refurbished Sydney-area facilities will then be used for characterisation and packaging of different types of waste for despatch in due course to the remote-area long-term installation.
The government in their latest budget cut down $420 million dollars from organisations like the CSIRO, ANSTO, the Australian Research Council and the Co-operative Research Centres.