ANSURAnthropometric Survey
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The ANSUR data sample [47] in Table 12 provides descriptive statistics for the right male forearm plus extended hand in millimeters.
[47] ANSUR: Open Design Lab at PSU, 1988,
In the case of ANSUR estimations, in which meaningful autocorrelation coefficients can be estimated, we also report the relevant Wald statistic (W), discussed in White (1992).
The Norwegian partners were Actacom, NetNordic, It partner, Tele-Com Bergen, Ajourit and Ansur Kompetanse, Trio said.
[DELTA] P Ansur America Insurance 012300 Company Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company [DELTA] P ASure Worldwide 012555 Insurance Company Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company + P Automobile Ins Co of 004046 Hartford, CT Travelers Companies, Inc.
22, the name of the company was changed to Ansur America Insurance Co.