ANSURAnthropometric Survey
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Customizable device under test fields: users can specify the number of fields, groups of fields and field names when creating and modifying Ansur templates
Designed to minimize risk and maximize regulatory compliance, Ansur Test Automation Software standardizes work and reduces test time to increase productivity and reduce human error in medical device quality assurance testing.
The TMS Fluke Interface for Ansur complements our existing medTester Interface with Fluke Biomedical," noted Henry Wilde, CEO of Four Rivers Software Systems.
The values of these statistics indicate that the overall fit of the model is quite good and that autocorrelation is rejected at the 5% level in the case of both ANSUR estimations.
The ratings apply to and are based upon the consolidated position of Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company and its four pooling members, Ansur America Insurance Company, Patriot Insurance Company (Patriot), ASure Worldwide Insurance Company and Fortuity Insurance Company.
The ratings apply to Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company and its 80% reinsured subsidiary, Ansur America Insurance Company, as well as its 100% reinsured subsidiary, Patriot Insurance Company (Yarmouth, ME).
22, the name of the company was changed to Ansur America Insurance Co.