ANSVAgenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza del Volo (National Flight Safety Agency; Italy)
ANSVAutoritatea Nationala Sanitar Veterinara (Romanian: National Sanitary-Veterinary Authority)
ANSVAlcatel Network Systems Vietnam
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ANSV carried out the investigation into the 6 August crash of an ATR-72 aircraft, which killed 16 people.
An ANSV press release issued at the press conference states that: "The aircraft had collided during the take-off with a German-registered Cessna which invaded the runway without the prescribed clearance.
ANSV said: "It seems the English pilot did not respect the height assigned to him.
Meets ANSV HPMA 1983 as one part; ASTM 05751-95 wet use with catalyst.
However, Italy's flight safety agency ANSV last night appeared to place the blame on the British Midland plane.