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ANSWERAct Now to Stop War & End Racism
ANSWERAction Network for Social Work Education and Research
ANSWERApplications 'n Support for Widely-diverse Enduser Requirements
ANSWERAdolescents Never Suicide When Everyone Responds (various locations)
ANSWERAlaska Native Student Wisdom Enrichment Retreat
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Howard brings more than twenty years of marketing expertise to Answer, most recently as a senior leader at sister company Esurance[sup.
Each kid in front of me kept giving the wrong answer, so the teacher was getting frustrated.
13) Regardless of whether the employer promises use immunity, the Garrity decision mandates that the statements obtained from those employees cannot be used in any subsequent criminal proceeding if they are compelled to answer questions under the threat of dismissal.
So the Toronto team based its algorithm on the assumption that when neighboring elements sense the same thing, they should come up with the same answer about what that thing is.
A sample of the questions asked leading up to the 10 millionth answer shows the breadth of Answers.
Findings included the convenience of using Web-CT, a great appreciation of being able to access materials on their own schedule as well as having the "study guide" information available for examination preparation, the ease of finding the answers to worksheet questions in their textbooks, and how the web-enhanced class format promoted independent learning.
As seen in Figure 1, answer components were assessed only if they used appropriate terminology and were correct.
Preblick added that host Regis Philbin must establish ``for legal reasons'' with contestants that an answer is, indeed, their final answer.
The integration of WikiAnswers is the next stage in our mission to become the leading online answer provider, whether answers come from our existing library of licensed, branded, attributable reference titles; from the Web; or now from a community of experts or interested participants," explained Bob Rosenschein, CEO of Answers.
That's why the North Hollywood team spends a lot of time practicing how to work buzzers and answer questions against a timer.
today released the industry's first social question and answer API that gives users full access to their structured database of user-generated questions and answers.