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ANSYSAnalysis System
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Rescale has enabled customers to use ANSYS Elastic Units (AEUs) in the cloud, backed by more than 60 data centers worldwide, since their introduction by ANSYS in 2016.
While designers have been using ANSYS and Synopsys tools in combination for years, the integrated solution will enable mutual customers to apply power integrity and reliability signoff technologies earlier in the design flow empowering them to deliver innovative, high-performance and reliable products faster, while reducing power, area and cost.
Companies are using ANSYS qualified solutions for embedded software to design, simulate, generate, and test embedded code for over 100 aerospace applications that have been certified under DO-178B and DO-178C.
Northrop Grumman is using ANSYS SCADE Suite and SCADE Display to provide scalable, fully integrated avionics software for the upgrade of the UH-60L Black Hawk cockpit to the digitized UH-60V and to meet safety-critical avionics standards such as DO-178C.
ANSYS and GE Aviation will work together over a range of applications to establish forward-looking analysis techniques that leverage expertise from both parties.
The latest ANSYS release allows engineers to simulate such complexity as it exists in the real world, from a single component to entire systems, with uncompromising accuracy.
The dedicated ANSYS Composite PrepPost tool provides significant ease of use for such models.
The ANSYS Icemax user interface allows users to import multiple designs within the same model, use automatic alignment tools and analyze the assembled design as a unified structure.
Matereality is a Web-based data management technology that contains thousands of datasets including stress-strain data; rate-dependent properties; hyperelastic properties; thermal properties; and creep, viscoelastic, and fatigue data on plastics, metals, rubber, foam and composites -- data that is particularly relevant to the ANSYS user community and often not available publicly.
We continue to believe our integrated approach to simulation, combined with our unmatched performance upgrades and leading-edge coupled physics technology, will meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers' product development requirements," said Jim Cashman, president and CEO at ANSYS, Inc.
This integrated technology allows users to bring together different engineering applications in one place for a higher level of productivity," said Barry Christenson, product marketing manager at ANSYS, Inc.
ANSYS is primarily a medical diagnostic entity, mostly known for its TOXI-LAB broad spectrum TLC systems for drugs of abuse testing.