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ANT1Adenine Nucleotide Translocator-1 (protein)
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The ANT1 report also suggested that the government will put out tenders for the Larnaca-Brussels route within 15 days, for which the winning carrier could receive an EU subsidy, as it is a loss-making route, yet deemed essential.
Wallace points out that no one is ruling out a human version of the ANT1 defect.
His appeal on the Greek television network ANT1 was made at a time of
According to ANT1 TV, Greece's Aegean Airlines and Romania's low-cost Blue Air are keen to pick up Cyprus Airways' traffic to and from Athens, Aegean and European budget operator Ryanair want the Thessaloniki and Heraklion routes, British Airways is ready to take over the London traffic, Air France-KLM and Austrian Airlines want the Amsterdam route, Aegean wants Paris, Israel's El Al and Arkia both are vying for Tel Aviv, and Aegean wants the Moscow route.
Quizzed by journalists over the story which had appeared in two of the country's newspapers and on top TV stations ANT1 and MegaChannel yesterday, frustrated Soti said: 'I do not know anything.
We don't expect a fast, magic drop in spreads," Papaconstantinou told Greek ANT1 TV.
Media sponsor for the competition was ANT1, whereas online publicity was provided by Disrupt Cyprus and Impossible.
Employees told ANT1 TV channel that many customers left the hotel en masse on Tuesday evening.
Also on the committee, Michaelides found, is Christakis Christofides, shareholder and director at ANT1 TV-channel.
A Metron Analysis poll for ANT1 TV published hours before the debate began put the parties level at 31.