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ANT1Adenine Nucleotide Translocator-1 (protein)
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The big winner since the same period last year was Star with a 21 percent gain, while the biggest loser was ANT1 with a 26 percent decrease.
The slit is employed to decrease mutual coupling between Ant1 and Ant4 and between Ant2 and Ant3.
SLC25A4 (Solute carrier family 25 member 4) or ANT1 (Adenine nucleotide translocator 1) functions as a gated pore that translocates ADP and ATP between cytoplasm and mitochondria, regulating the intracellular energetic balance.
Ala et al., "The MeCP2/YY1 interaction regulates ANT1 expression at 4q35: novel hints for Rett syndrome pathogenesis," Human Molecular Genetics, vol.
With this Etere advanced solution, Ant1 Cyprus has improved its performance and has developed a future-proof broadcasting solution.
According to a latest ANT1 TV poll, New Democracy is expected to get 22 percent to 22.7 percent votes with no party gaining enough support to form the government single handedly.
Depletion and multiple deletions of mtDNA caused by mutational change in adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT1 [SLC25A4]), thymidine phosphorylase (ECGF1 [TYMP]), mitochondrial thymidine kinase (TK2), deoxyguanosine kinase (DGUOK), succinyl-coenzyme A ligase (adenosine 5'-diphosphate-forming) subunit b (SUCLA2), succinylCoA ligase (GDP-forming) subunit alpha (SUCLG1), optic atrophy 1 protein (OPA1), p53-inducible ribonucleotide reductase (RRM2B), and the mitochondrial inner membrane protein MPV17 have been reported in similar clinical syndromes.
"The memorandum shows the serious interest of the international community to make investments in Greece now that it has a stable, credible and effective government," Prime Minister George Papandreou said on national television channel ANT1.
Cun = Cuneus; Clyp = Clypeus; Pron = Pronotum; Scut = Scutellum; IntOcDi = Interocular distance; Ant1 = Antennal segment 1; Ant2 = Antennal segment 2.
Quizzed by journalists over the story which had appeared in two of the country's newspapers and on top TV stations ANT1 and MegaChannel yesterday, frustrated Soti said: 'I do not know anything.
"Everyone I've worked with--from kids and working adults to seniors and pros has lost body fat, improved flexibility, become more powerful and strengthened ant1 stabilized his or her joints," Verstegen attests.