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ANT2Adenine Nucleotide Translocator-2 (protein)
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The slit is employed to decrease mutual coupling between Ant1 and Ant4 and between Ant2 and Ant3.
Thus, the isolation between Ant2 and Ant3 improves effectively.
Inhibition of ANT2 and/or HIF-1[alpha] can reverse the complications of obesity, for example, insulin resistance [76].
Ant2 is also groomed by the Mxp3 endopods, but with setal clusters on the propodi instead of on the carpi (Figs.
The setal clusters grooming Anti and Ant2 are situated differently on the Mxp3 endopod and are composed of different types of serrate setae (Fig.
Figure 3(a) shows the comparison between the reflection coefficients of the three antennas (Anti, Ant2, and Ant3).
Caption: Figure 2: The evolution steps of the proposed PIFA: (a) Ant1, (b) Ant2, (c) Ant3, and (d) Ant4.
Caption: Figure 2: Geometries of Ant1, Ant2, and Ant3.
The impedance bandwidth of Ant1 covers from 3 GHz to 8 GHz for [absolute value of [S.sub.11]] < -10 dB, while the impedance bandwidth of Ant2 covers from 4 GHz to 9 GHz.
Assume two transmitting antennas are Ant: and Ant2. They keep vertical to each other and have 45[degrees] included angle with vertical direction (dual-polarization antenna configuration), as we can get from Figure 3.