ANTBArcelor Neel Tailored Blank Private Limited (India; est. 2006)
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Foliage from plots treated with urea, SCU, Earthgro S, and Milorganite contained higher N than unfertilized turf on three of four rating dates, but tissue N levels were not always greater than that from plots fertilized with Sustane, Ringer LR, or Scotts ANTB.
Plots receiving urea, Sustane, Earthgro S, and Scotts ANTB had higher levels of microbial activity, when compared with unfertilized turf on 28 July.
Plant parasitic nematode population densities were lower in plots that received Sustane and Scotts ANTB, when compared with plots fertilized with Com-Pro and Earthgro S, but not the other treatments.
Plots fertilized with Milorganite and Earthgro S had significantly higher lance population densities when compared with plots fertilized with SCU, Sustane, Ringer LR, Com-Pro, Scotts ANTB, and unfertilized plots.
Urea, Milorganite, Scotts ANTB, Sustane, and Earthgro S generally provided an intermediate level of turf quality.