ANTCArby 'n' the Chief (gaming)
ANTCAdvanced Networking Test Center
ANTCAntennapedia Complex
ANTCAirbus Noise Technology Center
ANTCAlliance for a New Transportation Charter
ANTCAdjusted Net Tax Capacity
ANTCAdvanced National Technical Certificate (Nigeria)
ANTCAnticipated Net Tax Capacity
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The main themes of research at the ANTC are the prediction of broadband rotor or fan noise, and the prediction of landing gear noise.
One ANTC project investigated the effects of rotor blade geometry on the leading-edge fan noise.
This strategic alliance, with ANTC, one of the largest and oldest commodity brokers on the West Coast, teamed up with Tempest's proven performance in currency trading, gives us all the resources necessary to bring Managed Futures to investors in need of stabilizing their investment portfolios, particularly the small investor who may have as little as $15,000 to invest.