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ANTEAbstracts in New Technologies and Engineering
ANTEAmex New Trading Environment (American Stock Exchange)
ANTEAssociazione Nazionale Tecnici Emodialisi (Italian: National Association of Hemodialysis Technicians)
ANTEAverage Noise Threshold Energy
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The petitioners said a status quo ante order is necessary in order not to render moot the motion for reconsideration of the November 8 decision of the SC that they intend to file soon adding that there is a pressing need for the issuance of such an order considering that there have been reports that the preparations for the interment of the former dictator are already being undertaken by the government and the Marcos family despite the decision being not yet final and executory.
More generally, the breadth of a patent is related to the ex ante probability of infringing and, as such, we define the breadth as being exactly the probability of infringing.
Former Slovenian internationalist Ante is preparing for a tight contest and added: "I think our chances of going through are 50-50."
The Company also announced that J-Seed Ventures Inc., a Tokyo-based venture incubator, has purchased a minority stake in Ante Productions in a private sale.
A pesar de que Amorica Latina es la region del planeta con un mayor grado de disparidad en el reparto de la riqueza, a pesar del aumento de la pobreza y de la ruina de paises antes prosperos, como Argentina, los latinoamericanos se han quedado sin otra opcion.
The organisation and size of the ex ante control service, as decided upon by the Commission, reflects the idea that whilst waiting for the centralised ex ante control system to end, the current level of ex ante control activities, equal to about 7% of transactions, on the basis of a risk assessment, will remain substantially the same.
Third and last, technical risk is sold in a different market than the ex ante market for insurance.