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ANTEPAssociation for Non-Traditional Education in the Philippines (Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines)
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In order to prevent uncontrollable error in the results and to obtain standard bulgur for the analysis in the study, the samples were produced in laboratory by using commercial Antep type bulgur production technique.
This year is not shaping up to be any better, as Antep has four losses and four wins after nine matches with the little-known coach.
Colak added that lager amounts of weapons andammunition were transported into Gazi Antep in preparation to smuggle them into Syria, "ISISterrorists paid me 1000 USD in return for driving them to the village by my car, but when Irejected they threatened of decapitating me.
The first mission hospital was built in Antep. Almost all of the Board hospitals established contact with the local poor and destitute first.
Pistachio cultivars of Antep and Siirt are the major pistachio varieties that are grown in Turkey.
Moreover, during the Turkish War of Independence, militias (Kuvva-i Milliye) played important roles in local resistance movements in Western and South-Eastern Anatolia (in Antep, Maras, and Urfa), when the centralized army was in the process of formation.
(MEGEP Trabzon, Istanbul ve Antep Bolgeleri Ornegi).
On October 4, Turkish police launched simultaneous operations in Diyarbakir, Adiyaman, Mardin, Siirt, Urfa, Antep, Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara and detained more than 140 pro-Kurdish political activists.
Anatolia Energy will use the proceeds for exploration activities in the Anatolia Basin of Turkey and for certain prospects and trends outlined in its Bismil, Antep, Besni and Sinan licences.
In Antep, they make a good shot, they'll hit a flying crane in the
The town lends its name to the Turkish word for "pistachio", "antep fistigi", meaning "antep nut".