ANTHCAlaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
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The ANTHC, in a motion for summary judgment, stated that the ADA is opposed to Dental Therapists providing care anywhere, and that state laws "give[] dentists a near-monopoly on dental health care." (147) The ANTHC cited the Alaska Attorney General's opinion to the Alaska State Dental Examiners Board, which highlighted federal conflict preemption.
The Commission is combining these funds with $5 million of prior year funds and $3.5 million of match funding from the state, according to an ANTHC news release.
Some organizations, like SEARHC and ANTHC, are already working together to share domains and information in order to provide healthcare providers with accurate, real-time information.
ANTHC, which describes itself as the biggest and most comprehensive tribal health organization in the United States, provides wellness programs in addition to comprehensive health and medical services to shareholders.
ANTHC designed BHA-specific curriculum and learning materials and will continue to provide training support and coordination for tribal health organizations participating in the program.
ANTHC signed a contract in 1998 to manage operations for most of the IHS Alaska-area office programs, which support the voluntary THO system.
The facility will house a child care center to support employees of ANTHC and will also serve as a training facility to support the ANTHC health training and education programs for the Community Health Aide program, the nationally recognized Dental Health Aide Therapist program, the statewide Behavioral Health Aide program, and nursing and medical continuing education.
For example, many rural healthcare providers use medical carts that allow doctors in villages to videoconference with doctors at the ANTHC (Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium), Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, or Sitka Community Hospital, Bishop says.
ANTHC provides comprehensive medical and preventative health services for Alaska Natives and American Indians residing in Alaska (
Recent Noteworthy Events: Completion of Crowley Tank Farm & ANTHC Patient Housing.
Water system construction in Alaska's Native village communities falls under the jurisdiction of either the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), a nonprofit tribal organization that provides water, sanitation, and health services to Alaska Native people and communities across the state (see ANTHC's Web site, about/index.html, for more information), or the state of Alaska's Village Safe Water program.