ANTI-GANGAmerican Neighborhoods Taking the Initiative Guarding Against Neighborhood Gangs (Act)
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At an evidentiary hearing before an immigration judge on May 16, 2016, Rodriguez-Arias testified that he fears violence from other gangs who may view him as a rival, from anti-gang vigilante groups who engage in extrajudicial killings of gang members to protect their communities and from police who use extreme violence in their anti-gang efforts.
* Utilize Productive Metrics: These authors have maintained that the three most reliable measures of any jurisdiction's efforts against criminal street gangs involves a threefold determination of the following numbers: (1) individuals arrested for anti-gang act offenses; (2) individuals charged in anti-gang act indictments; and (3) individuals sentenced for anti-gang act charges.
and adapted them to local conditions in which violence, draconian anti-gang policies and profound inequality prevailed.
Decorated with painted edelweiss flowers and badges from various hiker lodges in the Alps, this jacket is almost too nice for a gang, so it is actually an anti-gang jacket.
Australia's newly formed 71-member specialist federal anti-gang squad aimed at the growing biker menace in Australia said "at least one gang had an affiliate chapter in Thailand", despite the fact drug dealing in that country risked the death penalty.
Cabral offered statistics showing a marked decrease in youth violence in 29 communities using Shannon Grant funds to operate local anti-gang task forces and after-school and other intervention programs for at-risk youth.
After reviewing intelligence and private investigation in general, chapters address the fundamental concepts of intelligence and its use in private investigation; investigation skills; target profiling; open source, fraud, political, and anti-terrorist and anti-gang intelligence; illicit organizations and financial intelligence; counterintelligence; clandestine communication methods; preparing a prosecution brief; and legal and ethical issues.
Nine months after agreeing to an historic truce, jailed leaders from El Salvador's largest street gangs say they are ready to curb more than just killings--at least in a handful of strategic "peace zones." Before moving ahead with the experimental plan, however, the notoriously violent maras, as the groups are known, want the government to do something in return: repeal its repressive "anti-gang law."
Since FY2008, Congress has appropriated significant amounts of funding for anti-gang efforts in Central America, as well as domestic anti-gang programs.
The United States continued to support El Salvador's anti-gang efforts through specialized law enforcement training; prevention efforts, such as the Gang Resistance Education Program (GREAT) implemented with PNC officers; and the Transnational Anti-Gang unit, a vetted unit within the PNC.
He said he wanted to build on the success of anti-gang programmes in cities such as Boston in the United States and Strathclyde in Scotland and would be consulting with former New York and Los Angeles police commissioner Bill Bratton.