ANTIAAssociazione Nazionale Tecnici Industria Abbigliamento (Italian: National Association of the Technical Clothing Industry; Milan, Italy)
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The major reason for distinguishing Furius Antias from Macrobius' Furius is style.
For the purpose of this essay, however, it is sufficient to recognize only that Furius Antias was writing poetry before or while Cicero was writing.
I cite the surviving fragments of Furius Antias from Courtney:
When these descriptive observations are added to the statistics above, they reinforce the mathematical probability that Furius Antias was not a follower of Ennian norms.
Skutsch, RE VII 322, seems to be the first to have distinguished Furius Antias and Macrobius' Furius on grounds that Furius Antias shows no Ennian imitation and no enjambment; see also Holford-Strevens (n.
Gellius' usage with respect to poets would seem, then, to place Furius Antias in the generation of Catulus, or before, which makes him likely to be the A.