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ANTICONAnti Conformity
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Anticon engineers Peter Kang and David Hildreth noted that although there was a standard JEST test method for determining how many particles and fibres a wipe released, there was no standard test method to show exactly how many particles the same wipe actually picked up.
He's recently released a debut solo album, oaklandazulasylum, on the Anticon label, and the first thing to notice is that he's way too geeky to stand any chance as a conventional rapper.
Sole, the founder of Oakland-based hip-hop label anticon.
This time, sole's on the War on Self Tour, sharing the bill with fellow anticon.
Doseone and Jel of Themselves are part of the Anticon label, a group of collaborative rappers, producers and artists.
Indications for a fetal echocardiogram include a family history of congenital heart defects, poorly controlled diabetes, maternal drug use of lithium or anticon vulsants, maternal alcohol use, or a known chromosomal anomaly.
DeSoto * Broadcast Ha Ha Sound Warp * Hella Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass Narnack * My Revenge * Soundtrak Ace Fu * Vervein Vast Low Cities * The Matches * Alias Muted anticon * Pop Shuvit * Eddie Haskells It's Going Down Hubcap and Wheel--LC
They are from the Anticon collective out of San Francisco.
Together, the pair helped found the anticon record label and push the boundaries of alternative hip-hop.
Anticon, Sole, Grand Buffett, Circus of Shapeshifters - Hip-hop, 8:30 p.
The Anticon artist is touring in support of his latest release, "Selling Live Water," a collection of raps delivered in his trademark non-rhyming style.
Underground hip-hop will be featured at the WOW Hall on Tuesday with three anticon.