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ANTIFAAnti-Faschistische Aktion (German anti-fascist organization)
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He also wrote that "major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an 'ORGANIZATION of TERROR.'"
The protest that was mainly organized by Antifa, the leftist and 'anti-fascist' group known for their use of physical intimidation.
Antifa, on the other hand, has brought its racialist brand of violent protest to campuses and demonstrations around the country: smashing heads as well as property.
Actually, it's not really an aside, because the Antifa movement plays into that.
In contrast, Antifa stands against neo-Nazism and all other forms of hate.
A fight broke out between the Proud Boys and a group of Antifa members who were on the scene to protest McInnes's talk.
Mr Trump's remarks included ominous references to the "Antifa" far-left-leaning militant groups and a migrant caravan marching toward the US-Mexico border that he has called an "invasion".
As for The John Birch Society, apparently the simple fact that the society was an exhibitor at the event was worthy of inclusion in SPLC's list, which noted, "Another exhibitor was the John Birch Society, the conspiratorial extremist group, which also had a table in the red-and-blue exhibit room loaded with material opposing the Republican push for a constitutional convention and literature warning about antifa and the deep state."
Here's what I planned to say about free speech at the Gothenberg Alternative Book Fair, cancelled because of threats from Antifa. Freedom of speech is in short supply in Western Europe.
Sean Kratouil, a 17-year-old who lives in Maryland, was wearing a vest with "Antifa" on the back and said he was there to help start a movement of peaceful anti-fascists.