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People in N orth Wales who previously took their antiq ues along to expert Paul Martin to be valued will see them auctioned at the Victoria Salerooms.
I shall be referring here to the copy held by Bodleian Library, Oxford, shelfmark: Antiq. e.
Antiq. 15 (Berlin, 1919), 274.17; on the first gloss, see Arthur S.
Antiq. Soc., Proceedings, 83 (1973), 104, 124; George Woodward Lamb, comp., "Clergymen Licensed to the American Colonies by the Bishops of London: 1745-1781," Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 13 (1944), 134.
PS3,000 goes u hamm ellery based Auctio Mond Mar ston, antiq art a said: ter not bec h e mbbw Mark Huddleston, head of antiques & fine art at Fellows, said: "The letter is moving not only because of its heartfelt message but also because it would have been the last ever written by her.
The one obvious exception is the Northumberland Household Book (begun in 1512), printed in London in 1770 and 1827, and also reprinted in Grose, Antiq. Repertory, IV (London, 1809).
Henry Sandon, the ceramics expert and antiques roadshow television personality will be at a pottery, ceramics and glassware valuation day at the Hoar Park Craft Village and Antiq ues Centre.
xi.20.2).(45) Dionysius of Halicarnassus describes Numa and Xenophon as 'righteous and God-fearing' ([Greek Text Omitted]: Antiq. Rom.
Dionisio de Halicarnaso (Antiq. Rom., II, 19, 4-5) describe las ceremonias, juegos y sacrificios que los magistrados romanos celebraban cada ano en honor a la diosa Cibeles <<segun las leyes romanas>> y en los que los sacerdotes paseaban por la ciudad con las imagenes sobre el pecho, cantando canciones e himnos metroacos, acompanados con timpanos y flautas.