ANTORAssociation of National Tourist Office Representatives
ANTORAssociation of National Tourist Organisations (various locations)
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ANTOR will be working closely with TripZilla to produce content to be distributed across TripZilla's online magazine, and regional and social media platforms in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore.
(227) Antor Media, 689 F.3d at 1288; see also In re Morsa, 713 F.3d 104, 110 (Fed.
TATT'S OUR GIRL Jale Antor shows off her joke version of Cheryl's famous rose tattoo
The Antors replaced another father-son boat-building tandem of Manuel and Michael Dingcong of Basey, Samar, who worked here for about a month making P400 to P600 per boat.
Zetor has developed a new model, dubbed Antor, especially designed for the sandy geological conditions of the Middle East.
The section finishes with Heinz Antor's refutation of the commonplace view of the postmodern paradigm as one dominated by a post-humanist stance of 'anything goes', arguing, instead, for an "ethics of a post-modern critical neo-humanism", such as the one we find in McEwan's Black Dogs, with its "critical discussion of the fundamental ethical questions of self-positioning and orientation in a contingent, pluralist and fragmented environment" (49).
Bureau of Economic Analysis for assistance with trade data, David Antor and David Dorn for assistance with commuting-zone questions, and Mark Leonard for comments.
Heinz Antor, Sylvia Brown, John Considine, and Klaus Stierstorfer.
Before she worked for BaBa Blankets, Grace Antor, now a seamstress, worked as a porter.
With respect to the university students facing the exam period, recent studies show that stress levels vary temporally: as the exam period draws near, the stress experience heightens (e.g., Guarino, Gavidia, Antor, & Caballero, 2000; Malarkey et al., 1995).