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ANTRALAssociação Nacional dos Transportadores Rodoviários em Automóveis Ligeiros (Portugal)
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The positive diagnosis was infective endocarditis of aortic valve (right aortic coronary leaflet), severe aortic regurgitation, severe mitral regurgitation, normochromic anemia (medium form, of inflammatory etiology), antral gastric operated cancer.
Con respecto a la presencia de edema antral se pudo establecer que el 6,9% (19/275) de los estomagos estudiados evidenciaron manifestaciones macroscopicas de edema antral (FIG.
Subsequent biopsy of the antral and corpus mucosa was performed for 187 persons.
A retrospective clinical audit through a descrip- tive case series was done on 23 consecutive cases of oro antral fistulae treated with BFP flap, with atleast a six weeks follow up at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Margalla Institute of Health Sciences, Rawalpindi.
Comparison of inter- and intra-cycle variability of anti-Mullerian hormone and antral follicle counts.
There are many methods of determining ovarian reserves in both animals and human beings but antral follicle count (AFC) is considered as one of the most reliable non-invasive method of defining ovarian reserve (Hansen et al 2011).
(18) Such a decline in the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood may induce structural changes such as a decrease in the number of the preantral and antral follicles in female rats and mice.
The present study is similar, in this study, a significant difference in diameter antral follicles were observed in the groups tested with other studies, Grace and colleagues (1982) show the follicles which are more evolved or at a higher level of growth is more likely to stay healthy and continue their growth [12].
The vast majority of authors agree that the xanthomas typically occur in the stomach (70%), mostly in the antral region (76%) [2, 3].
The preantral follicles were counted in every 30th mounted section, and the antral follicles, in every 40th section.
In the present study, follicular development in pre-pubertal bromocriptine treated rats is affected by reducing the mean number of healthy primordial, primary, pre-antral, antral and pre-ovulatory follicles, whereas atretic follicles of all categories except primordial follicles show significant increase, indicating that bromocriptine interferes with ovarian activity.