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ANTRALAssociação Nacional dos Transportadores Rodoviários em Automóveis Ligeiros (Portugal)
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It was reported that numbers of antral follicles remains constant in cattle until 8-10 years of age (Erickson 1966; Katska and Smorag 1984).
The present study is similar, in this study, a significant difference in diameter antral follicles were observed in the groups tested with other studies, Grace and colleagues (1982) show the follicles which are more evolved or at a higher level of growth is more likely to stay healthy and continue their growth [12].
Progastrin processing during antral G-cell hypersecretion in humans.
The vast majority of authors agree that the xanthomas typically occur in the stomach (70%), mostly in the antral region (76%) [2, 3].
Five each of pre-antral and antral follicles were selected in each phase of the oestrous cycle for measurement of the follicle, oocyte, and oocyte nucleus diameter.
In our practice, we use the AMH level along with cycle day 3 antral follicle count and FSH and estradiol levels.
In the present study, follicular development in pre-pubertal bromocriptine treated rats is affected by reducing the mean number of healthy primordial, primary, pre-antral, antral and pre-ovulatory follicles, whereas atretic follicles of all categories except primordial follicles show significant increase, indicating that bromocriptine interferes with ovarian activity.
The second phase of growth is when the follicle continues to grow while the oocyte remains arrested in dictyate stage until it reaches full adult size (>120 [micro]m) in the antral follicle.
5% de las muestras resulto positivo con carga bacteriana alta a nivel de la region antral.
But in October 2004, he was stopped in his tracks when he was diagnosed with Gastric Antral Vascular Ecstasia (GAVE) - also known as Watermelon Stomach - named after red lines on the stomach caused by internal bleeding.