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ANUAustralian National University
ANUAfrica Nazarene University (Kenya)
ANUAnswer Signal Unqualified
ANUAcharya Nagarjuna University (India)
ANUAnti-Narcotics Unit (various locations)
ANUAmerican Nationalist Union (political organization)
ANUSaint Johns / Antigua, Antigua And Barbuda - Vc Bird International (Airport Code)
ANUAuthorized for Navy Use (US Navy equipment)
ANUAircraft Nose Up
ANUAirframe Nose Up
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But that hasn't stopped Anupurba - Anu to her pals - from joining in with the fun in the playground.
A partir de la matriz de Distancias Geneticas, se construyo un Dendrograma con el algoritmo de Neighbor-Joining en el podemos observar que se identificaron tres agrupamientos bien diferenciados en uno se encontraron los indigenas Yukpa y Bari del estado Zulia junto con los indigenas Waoranis de Ecuador y en el otro se ubico la poblacion indigena Anu y por ultimo las muestras de las poblaciones mestizas de Mexico, Brasil, Colombia, Argentina y Maracaibo ademas de la poblacion afrodescendiente de san Jose de Heras e Isla de Toas que puede observarse en la (Fig.
We sure are excited to see Anu Malik's light side on the show
Given the success of the day and its positive impact on the students, the ANU Science Extension Day development team plan to hold the event again this year.
La etnia indigena Anu ha sido estudiada desde varias disciplinas, sin embargo, existen pocos estudios que aborden sus habitos de alimentacion y la complejidad de este fenomeno alimentario de la comunidad indigena y sus consecuencias nutricionales epidemiologicas obligan a buscar otras opciones de analisis que permitan entender cabalmente el fenomeno.
The bulk of the book contains editions of Enuma Anu Enlil tablets 44-49 and related texts, including commentary texts and Neo-Assyrian letters and reports which cite the omens.
While Lakshman is posted at Civil Lines police station in North Delhi, Anu is with Mundka police station in West district, the official said, adding the two were found to be under the influence of alcohol.
The line was set up last year after Newcastle University Business School students, Guy, and Anu, 21, were tasked with creating a business.
Commenting on the role of the new supercomputer, ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young said: "The new supercomputer will provide Australia with a much needed capability to meet national challenges.
The ANU employs fewer than 100 officers but estimates that it requires 500 officers to effectively combat Uganda's illicit drug trade.
Anu Suomalainen Wartiovaara at the University of Helsinki, and included collaborators at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging, Karolinska Institutet and University of Wisconsin.
Anu is excited about working in a team based, participative working environment which thrives on open dialogue within the company.