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ANUGAcute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis
ANUGAtlanta Netware Users Group (Atlanta, GA)
ANUGAnnual Nebraska Ultralight Gathering (ultralight aircraft)
ANUGAtlanta Novell Users Group (Atlanta, GA)
ANUGAtex Newspaper Users Group (now Association of Publishing Systems Users)
ANUGAmbient Noise Upgrade
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At the ANUG meeting, where it introduced its new corporate owner, Atex reported on its direction and activities after six months under Sysdeco management.
ANUG is most studied periodontal disorder in relation to psychosocial predisposing factor which favours bacterial overgrowth and weakening host resistance.
Three periodontal entities associated with HIV-seropositive or AIDS patients are LGE, ANUG and NUP, were first described in 1987 by Winkler et al.
Severe cases of ANUG result in pseudomembrane formation.