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La informacion anterior fue obtenida a partir de la revision del periodico Vanguardia Liberal y los protocolos notariales de compra-ventas de inmuebles ubicados en el municipio de Giron entre 1964-1985, encontrados en: Archivo de la Notaria Unica de Giron (ANUG) Giron-Colombia, 1964-1985; Archivo de la Notaria Primera (ANPB), 1975-1985; Notaria Segunda (ANSB), 1973-1985, y Notaria Tercera (ANTB), 1964-1985, Bucaramanga-Colombia; Archivo Historico Regional de la Universidad Industrial de Santander (AHR-UIS), Bucaramanga-Colombia, Fondos Notaria Primera de Bucaramanga 1964-1974 y Notaria Segunda de Bucaramanga 1964-1972.
Oral conditions like acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG), severe periodontitis, dry socket, ulcers and other oral diseases are most likely to cause oral malodour.10 Delanghe et al presented the scientific information regarding the origin of oral malodour.11
Shah, R.K., and Anug, W., Handbook of Single-Phase Convective Heat Transfer, John Wiley and Sons (1987).
Anuradha Gurnani, Legal Coordinator of Manavi, doubled up under the name 'AnuG' as Emcee for the evening, and introduced Dorris Garcia.
Anug Eve scored in the 89th minute for bottom club Chester.
In his daft George Formby-style voice, Ashley said to Maxine: "Canna g'ya anug?"
At the ANUG meeting, where it introduced its new corporate owner, Atex reported on its direction and activities after six months under Sysdeco management.
B) ACUTE NECROTIZING ULCERATIVE GINGIVITIS (ANUG): ANUG is strongly correlated with tobacco use.
ANUG is most studied periodontal disorder in relation to psychosocial predisposing factor which favours bacterial overgrowth and weakening host resistance.
Anuradha Gurnani (better known as "AnuG") is the Legal Coordinator at Manavi.