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ANUSAmerican Nihilist Underground Society
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ANUSAmerican National Unimotorcyclists Society (est. 1988)
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The final procedure was Mr Eckert being sedated for a colonoscopy wherein a scope with a camera was inserted into his anus, rectum, colon and large intestines which likewise yielded negative results for drugs.
Occasionally a low-lying cancer arising from the anus or rectum can cause severe anal pain due to sepsis or sphincter invasion (Fig.
A ABS-CBN News report revealed that Mark Jayson Culano died after suspect, Lucidro Dimacahilig, a rice mill operator in Gapan City, inserted an air hose into his anus last February.
Mlalazi was later released from hospital, but his family says he did not disclose to doctors that he had a stick up his anus.
The glands are positioned at 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock of the anus and can be gently squeezed to empty them.
Overall, any increased pressure in or around the anus can cause piles.
A method for absorbing leakage from an anus of a subject, comprising positioning a non-adhesive intergluteal absorbent pad external to the subject's anal orifice such that the pad is retained frictionally between the buttocks without an adhesive to attach the pad to the buttocks, so that discharge from the anus is absorbed by the absorbent material of the pad, This device has been patented by a researcher in Oregon.
Clinical practice and surgery of the colon, rectum and anus.
However, they get their oxygen from water--like most sea creatures--which enters their bodies through their anus (they don't have butts per se).
The prevalences in the anus and cervix of any HPV were 90% and 83%, respectively (p=0.
After the feet are removed, make a cut from the anus to the throat.
If the tail is left long enough to be raised, it lifts the supporting tissue around the anus and directs any diarrhoea away from the body.