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ANVArmy of Northern Virginia
ANVAlaska Native village (US)
ANVAnticipatory Nausea and Vomiting
ANVAnvik, AK, USA (Airport Code)
ANVAutoritatea Nationala a Vamilor (Romania)
ANVAssociation of Napata Volunteers
ANVArtist Name Variation
ANVAdvanced Naval Vehicle
ANVAverage Noise Variance
ANVAssociação Nacional de Fornecedores de Serviço de Videotexto (Portuguese: National Association of Service Providers of Videotext; Brazil)
ANVAccion Nacionalista Vasca (Spanish: Basque Nationalist Action)
ANVAll-Night Vigil
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He facilitated workshops on ANV for groups of people from all walks of life all over the country: professionals, entrepreneurs, farmers and fishers, urban poor, activists, religious and lay people, Christians and Muslims.
Fiscalia y Gobierno admiten que HB usa a ANV, pero no impugna todas sus listas".
El desarrollo de ANV se explica por un modelo de condicionamiento pavloviano.
4 * RdRP, RNA-dependent RNA polymerase; ORF, open reading frame; AstV, astrovirus; -, values not calculated; CSL, California sea lion; ANV, avian nephritis virus.
ANV Security Group's 3G vehicle monitoring system enables effective monitoring to improve the quality of bus services, efficiency and passenger safety.
ANV is a progressive American group that has been launched last year and is allowed, according to the law, to do issue-based organising, advertising, lobbying and raising money through non-tax deductible donations.
Consecuente con ese objetivo, durante varios anos ANV opero una docena de centros natatorios, hasta que decidio ampliar su concepto y servicios tras adquirir un club en San Jeronimo, al sur de la ciudad de Mexico.
If post chemotherapy nausea and vomiting does not occur then ANV is very unlikely.
Mana Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, manifesto que la decision de ANV no era suficiente para ilegalizarla, expreso la "determinacion del gobierno para meter a los terroristas en la carcel".
Assuming that the mechanism responsible for the ANV syndrome is similar to that responsible for the development of the context aversion in rats, ANV could be attenuated, as Symonds and Hall (1999) suggested, by giving chemotherapy in a context presented in a compound with ingestion of a non-palatable substance, which could overshadow context acquisition of aversion.
9 APU Visby Portland Queens Library Building Building 2002-2004 ANV+ ANV Figures in kWh/[m.
Refinance activity is bound to fall relative to last year's level,'' said Nima Nattagh, an analyst at DataQuick Information System's ANV Fusion unit, which tracks market trends.