ANVISAviator's Night Vision Imaging System
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Gentex SPH-5 Helmet with Dual Lens ANVIS Visor Gibson Barnes HHH8-52XL-WX-000013 Dual Visor Helmet: Outter Dark and Inner Clear Impact resistant polycarbonate lens Mic and Assembly: Electret Mic with wire boom and 14 inch cord (Part #HCM-EL-BW14) Earphones: H-172/AIC Earphone, 300 Ohm Pair (Part #HCE-0300-P) Cords: Cord TP120 helo Coiled Same side (Part #HCC-1H-C00S) Communications Installation (Part #HZM-INSAT-COM-NC) Color White Size 2XLarge
Both versions of the ANVIS contain a power pack which can operate on aircraft or battery power.
Deliveries of the PVS-7B and the ANVIS goggles are well underway.
For the ANVIS battery pack pile, order NSN 5855-01-149-4108.
The ANVIS uses two of the expensive Gen III tubes in a goggle mounted to the pilot's helmet and powered by a dual battery pack, with adjustable height, closeness and inter-pupulary settings available to customize the fit to the individual pilot.
Although highly valued by Army helicopter pilots during Desert Storm, the ANVIS was reported to cause disorientation in the instrument-cluttered cockpit.
ANVIS returned from unauthorized 'RESET' teams have had maintenance performed without being documented.
Any ANVIS turned into an unauthorized program must be reinspected by a qualified inspector to ensure the -10/20 standards are met.
The ANVIS was used extensively by the helicopter pilots in the assault and as personnel were redeployed in the battle area.
You'll find it handy to write the PN of the objective lens assemblies on the historical record for each ANVIS to track them.
E The first operational flight of the NVCD/ ANVIS was conducted by the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) as part of Operation Unified Protector, in Libya, where the RDAF are participating in the enforcement of the No Fly Zone.