ANVLA Name-Value Language (computing)
ANVLAutomated Network Validation Library
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With so many networking protocols, it is important to have the ANVL testing tool to verify conformance with industry specifications.
The ANVL testing suite helps ensure that the Nucleus software is adequately tested and that the Nucleus software customers receive the highest quality products possible.
Ixia's ANVL reinforces our ability to execute on both of those commitments, enabling us to deliver high-quality networking protocols to market quickly," said Robert Day, director of marketing, Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division.
With well over 250 customers worldwide, ANVL is virtually the standard for data network protocol conformance testing.
The Ixia logo is a registered trademark and ANVL is a trademark of Ixia.
Manufacturers of IPSEC-enabled devices use ANVL to validate conformance to relevant RFCs, while carriers and enterprises use ANVL to help ensure RFC compliance as well as compatibility in multi-vendor networks.
Ixia's first application of the VNIC technology is in conjunction with existing ANVL conformance test suites.
Additionally, ANVL sales grew significantly, underscoring our commitment to enhancing this data network testing solution and investing in our sales effort for this product line acquired in the first quarter of last year.