ANWBAlgemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond (Dutch automobile association)
ANWBArmy Network Warfare Battalion (US Army)
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Meanwhile, the board of the ANWB remained in the hands of upper middle-class members.
Even though he has retired from the ANWB, Nouwen's name or photograph keep popping up in the media.
Local VVVs (tourist bureaus; English is spoken) supply cycling information and sell ANWB (automobile club) tourist maps; the 12 provincial VVVs do the same.
In the Netherlands the non-politicised organisation ANWB represented both car and bicycle interests, and actively promoted bicycle tourism and (touristic) bicycle lane construction.
Guido van Woerkom, president of the Royal Dutch touring club ANWB, expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome.
As German historian Anne-Katrin Ebert has argued, this manifest link between cycling and Dutch national identity can be attributed, at least in part, to the successful interventions of the influential Dutch national cyclists' and tourists' club Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond (ANWB) in the first half of the twentieth century.
The 24 clubs - including AAA, ADAC and ANWB - who jointly signed a letter last week calling for Mosley to resign, represent 86% of the world's motorists.
In the Netherlands the Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond (ANWB) was quickly able to establish its role as the umbrella organization for all bicycle riders, whereas in Germany the Deutsche Radfahrer-Bund had to compete for the national representation of cyclists.
Aertnijs, for instance, who succeeded in persuading the Automobile Club de France to point the great international automobile race of 1898 to Amsterdam instead of Vienna; the history of the tourist association ANWB, initiator of the Ligue internationale des associations touristes (LIAT); of Spyker, the famous Dutch automobile producer; or of the events of 1903, when the Dutch authorities hired automobiles in order to break a strike with the postal services.