ANWBAlgemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond (Dutch automobile association)
ANWBArmy Network Warfare Battalion (US Army)
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Even if one counts all members of the ANWB as cyclists (ignoring the growing number of motorists and tourists among its members), only about 3 per cent of all Dutch cyclists were members of the ANWB.
Even though he has retired from the ANWB, Nouwen's name or photograph keep popping up in the media.
The ANWB tourist maps are the best for route planning and along-the-way decision-making.
In the Netherlands the non-politicised organisation ANWB represented both car and bicycle interests, and actively promoted bicycle tourism and (touristic) bicycle lane construction.
Guido van Woerkom, president of the Royal Dutch touring club ANWB, expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome.
To maintain the sections of the public lighting system includes Light poles; Fixtures including ballasts managed by and property of the municipality; Aanstraalverlichting lamps, bus shelters, ANWB flags and advertising bins (Riser) cables or connector cables lampposts from the manifold to fixture or fixtures; Floodlighting public buildings, objects and illuminati projects; All unnamed elements that form an undeniable part of the public lighting system.
The same goes for the efforts of the Dutch cycling and tourists association ANWB to establish a museum in the interwar years.
The 24 clubs - including AAA, ADAC and ANWB - who jointly signed a letter last week calling for Mosley to resign, represent 86% of the world's motorists.
Facilitating third parties, including advertising, ANWB, CFP, etc .
And when cycling organizations in Germany remained focused on racing activities, the ANWB successfully concentrated on bicycle tourism producing experiences of a fictive national space.