ANWRArctic National Wildlife Refuge (Alaska, USA)
ANWRAlaskan National Wildlife Reserve
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5 million acre enclave out of the wilderness and restrictive designations given most of what was now ANWR.
Men are more likely than women to support drilling, in terms of both coastal drilling and exploration in ANWR.
6 million acres of the ANWR boundary, and sits within the coastal plain.
We must open ANWR and lift the ban on offshore drilling.
Hopefully, there will never come a day when national security requires that America tap the oil in ANWR.
Drilling in ANWR has been debated at least half a dozen times over the past five years.
are doing some exploration to the west of the ANWR, and Unocal has a presence in Alaska.
If we drill in ANWR, the effect will be twofold: First we will not see a reduction in the price at the pump, and this will drive innovation to alternate energy sources.
The debate about whether to drill for oil in ANWR has taken place ever since.
With more Republican seats in Congress, Bush's support of ANWR development legislation is likely to pass.