ANWRArctic National Wildlife Refuge (Alaska, USA)
ANWRAlaskan National Wildlife Reserve
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Given relatively low oil prices and high volumes of production elsewhere in the United States resulting from new drilling techniques, oil companies might not pay much for leases on the ANWR.
Men are more likely than women to support drilling, in terms of both coastal drilling and exploration in ANWR.
We must open ANWR and lift the ban on offshore drilling.
He has particularly thought about how it was perceived in the minds and hearts of those involved in the 1950s campaign to establish the refuge, and how in more recent times ANWR has been a "symbol of restraint" in a consumer-driven economy.
La ANWR, rica en mas de 36 especies de mamiferos, caribus, osos pardos y blancos, 180 especies de pajaros y 36 de peces, cuenta con 77 mil kilometros cuadrados, de los cuales 800 hectareas serian afectadas por las perforaciones.
Drilling in ANWR has been debated at least half a dozen times over the past five years.
Tickers featured: AHC, ANWR, BP, BR, COP, CVX, MRO, MUR, OXY, RDS.
ANWR is where porcupine caribou make their calving grounds.
The companies most likely to drill in the ANWR would be the existing North Slope players that already have infrastructure on the North Slope and in Anchorage.