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Anya, a speedy wideman for Watford, is back in the country where it all started.
Because the young Anya had made up his mind already that his future was in football.
'The Anya brand promises to deliver a splendid second home that exemplifies the best of Filipino aesthetics and hospitality.
Last year, one of its components, the Anya Resort and Residences, has been included on the list of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, a group of luxury boutique hotels and resorts from around the globe (this is an exclusive circle because of the 1,000 hotel applications received yearly, only five percent meet SLH's standards and are given membership).
And they have already raised pounds 30,000, and some of it was used to send Anya on a dream holiday to Disneyworld, Florida.
Anya's parents first realised there was something wrong with their daughter when she was two years old, and started to drag her left foot.
To help Anya's appeal, e-mail
BRAVE GIRL: Anya Potter, four, with her dad Craig and, right, on her trike
Craig, a production operator for Northumbrian Water, said: "When we found out about Anya, it was horrific.
Taylor, England under-21 captain, said: "When I first heard about Anya's condition, and was asked to help the fundraising campaign for her, I didn't hesitate in saying yes.
Anya faces death in her teens due to the condition - and by then she will probably be severely disabled.
There are only three medical centres in the world that have dealt with the condition and Anya's blood samples have been sent to one of them, in Holland.