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ANZAASAustralian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
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Report of the Twenty-Ninth Meeting, Sydney, August 1952, ANZAAS, Sydney.
But even before it got off the ground, the idea of the AAAA that was first mooted at the 1983 ANZAAS workshop proved controversial among those whose interests it sought to represent.
To return then to Anderson's speech to ANZAAS (1943: 17), where twice he offered the same formula in pleading the case for sociology:
The tide of chemistry at ANZAAS was once at the flood, and this history is the subject of one chapter in the commemoration volume The Commonwealth of Science.
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BHP Billiton Science Awards, Prime Minister's Prizes for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools, National Educational Forum, Youth ANZAAS and CSENEPA.
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On 9 April 1953 the professor wrote to Ellis in formal but courtly terms, inviting him to deliver a paper on historical biography at the ANZAAS congress to be held in Canberra in January 1954.
(3) Nominated by the Economic Society of Australia, he was rejected for the Australian and New Zealand Association of Sciences (ANZAAS) Medal.
CONASTA 59 Delegates and Youth ANZAAS Students listening to Dr Karl speak.
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