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ANZAASAustralian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
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As PAAAS member Chris Clarke (1986:20) frankly expressed it, 'Executive duties became "pass-the-parcel", and committee meetings were at times slightly hysterical encounters of the same exhausted group of persons unsure whether this time they were ASWA, ANZAAS, PAAAS, AAAA or the Aboriginal Land Inquiry Workshop'.
The tide of chemistry at ANZAAS was once at the flood, and this history is the subject of one chapter in the commemoration volume The Commonwealth of Science.
35) The ANZAAS congress would surely have allayed Ellis's concerns that in such elite, academic company he was an outsider.
CONASTA 59 Delegates and Youth ANZAAS Students listening to Dr Karl speak.
One of the earliest applications of the concept of 'cultural genocide' in the Australian context was in 1959, in a memo by a Department of External Affairs officer, Phillip Peters, on Hasluck's address to the Anthropology section at the 1959 ANZAAS congress (Hasluck 1959).
Of course, there are also the many Melbourne economists who richly contributed at the economics sessions of first the regular ANZAAS, and later the regular Economists' Conferences, and who often were a joy to listen to.
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Their disagreement erupted into the public arena at the 1959 ANZAAS Congress in Perth: Wise (1985:228-32) provides a good account of this incident.
In 1968, I published a review article in the Economic Record of Mizuta's New Catalogue of Adam Smith's Library and in the early 1970s was invited by Richard Downing as editor of the Record to published my paper, 'Rationalising the Australian Taxation System' presented at an ANZAAS Conference in Adelaide.
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