ANZAMEMSAustralian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies
ANZAMEMSAustralian and New Zealand Association for Mediaeval and Early Modern Studies
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ANZAMEMS conference dinners were favoured occasions to gather voices for 'Blow thy horn, hunter' and 'Pastime with good company'.
I don't know whose idea this was, but it was readily agreed to and has become a valuable feature of ANZAMEMS.
Interests and materials are dispersed and with its advantages and logistical difficulties, ANZAMEMS serves a more evenly distributed community.
The first ANZAMEMS Conference followed two years later in Wellington.
The history behind the formation of ANZAMEMS and the success of NEER express something of the character of Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern studies in Australasia.
Published on the occasion of the seventh biennial ANZAMEMS conference, held at the University of Tasmania in December 2008, this catalogue accompanied an exhibition of medieval manuscripts and early printed books held in Tasmanian collections.
Her consistently strong interest in and support for her Australian colleagues also meant that she was a regular participant at meetings of AHMEME (Australasian Historians of Medieval and Early Modern Europe) from its origins in the 1970s, and continued her active support when it merged to become ANZAMEMS (Australian and New Zealand Association of Medieval and Early Modern Studies).
In particular, she was an inspiring keynote speaker and participant in the first ANZAMEMS Wellington conference of 1998, organized by the late Kim Walker, and a helpful member of Parergon's Advisory Board over many years.
1) An earlier version of this paper was read at the 2008 ANZAMEMS Conference at the University of Tasmania.