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ANZCAAustralian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
ANZCAAustralian New Zealand Communication Association
ANZCAAustralian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Ltd. (Victoria, Australia)
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The author would also like to acknowledge the National Health and Medical Research Council, and ANZCA for their support of national anaesthesia mortality reporting in Australia and their role in the publication of the triennial reports.
ANZCA Bulletin, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Melbourne, September 2009; p.
With the addition of an add-in negative pressure alarm to the circuit (available from Ulco) these machines will still comply with ANZCA Professional Standard 54.
Following a pilot study, the ANZCA Trials Group co-ordinated an email-based distribution of the survey to a random selection of 500 Australian and New Zealand anaesthesia trainees in June 2010.
We believe that the alterations we have made address the most important safety issues related to the use of our equipment in an Australian teaching hospital environment, as long as it is used in conjunction with appropriate monitoring as per ANZCA PS 187.
Our experience highlights the need for an ANZCA document to facilitate the introduction of drawover apparatus in Australian and New Zealand hospitals.
The original cohort studied in 2002 consisted of all ANZCA trainees registered with the ANZCA Wellington office at that time (n=138).
Further attempts to contact the cohort were limited by the ANZCA Clinical Trials Group who were concerned about survey fatigue.