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These RCTs were found in the following 11 registries: (213), ISRCTN (78), ChiCTR (66), ANZCTR (52), IRCT (16), JPRN (5), KCT (11), EU-CTR (4), DRKS (3), NTR (2), and ReBec (3).
Information on the randomization methods and allocation concealment of RCTs was mentioned in registration records from the following 3 registries:, ChiCTR, and ANZCTR; the proportion of adequate randomization methods was 1.9%, 84.8%, and 90.4%, respectively, and the proportion of adequate allocation concealment was 2.8%, 1.5%, and 78.8%, respectively.
except JPRN:, ISRCTN, ChiCTR, ANZCTR, IRCT, KCT, EU-CTR, DRKS, NTR, and ReBec; the proportion of adequate blinding was 59.6%, 10.3%, 50.0%, 71.2%, 0%, 45.5%, 0%, 0%, 0%, and 0%, respectively (Table 2, Figure 3).
It is also important to point out that randomization methods, allocation concealment, and blinding were all mentioned in records just from, ChiCTR, and ANZCTR. Among them,, the center with the largest number of registered acupuncture RCTs, was not the one with the highest rate of sound methodological design and ratio of records of adequate randomization methods and adequate allocation concealment was lower than 5%.
WHO primary registries and by WHO region, language, area of coverage, and number of trials registered WHO primary Registry registries and language WHO region besides English Africa Pan African (PACTR) Americas Eastern Mediterranean Iranian (IRCT) Persian Europe ISRCTN Dutch Netherlands National (NTR) German (DRKS) German Southeast Asia Chinese registry Chinese (ChiCTR) Indian (CTRI) Sri Lanka (SLCTR) Western Pacific Australia-New Zealand (ANZCTR) Japanese network Japanese (3 registries) UMIN JapicCTI JMACCT CTR No.
The clinical trial reported here was registered in the Primary Register of the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry (ANZCTR) (No.
There are numerous trials registered as evaluating naturopathy practice in the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR), yet none of them identify "whole-practice" research.