ANZDLAustralia New Zealand Direct Line (ocean transportation)
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ANZDL's Relationship Builder works like this: a shipper contacts the Line's customer service department, one-time, to set up on-line relationships with their vendors and consignees.
A secure web identity is then created for each of the shipper's trading partners so they can either access the information through ANZDL's web site, whenever they need it, or select to receive it automatically via e-mail.
According to Andrea Bolch, ANZDL's senior vice president, the Line discovered that although its online services were giving customers access to all their information and documentation quickly and efficiently, shippers were still required to liaise with all of their respective trading partners via phone, fax or e-mail.
Some of ANZDL's latest initiatives over the past year have include issuing fumigation certificates on-line, e-mailing arrival notices to customers (instead of faxing), and on-line bills of lading, which Rattray says cuts down turnaround time by up to 24 hours.
While on-line tracking and billing systems present cargo operators with a clear advantage, ANZDL's Rattray urges carriers to be cautious about how they utilise new technologies in their customer service practices.
Ocean Carriers On-time Information Performance Value Technology Cast North America 9.29 8.33 3.71 Hyundai Merchant Marine 7.69 3.80 ANZDL 9.97 7.44 3.96 Canada Maritime 9.00 8.49 3.44 Hamburg-Sud (Columbus Line, Crowley American Transport) 9.63 7.65 3.49 MOL (Mitsui OSK Lines) 10.00 7.32 3.72 Maersk Sealand 9.81 6.89 3.96 Matson Navigation 10.06 6.69 3.51 APL Ltd.
ANZDL also offers special monitoring for the reefer equipment used by customers shipping sensitive cargo like lamb or fresh produce, Speakman says, as well as fumigation service where necessary.
Though NYK Line, ANZDL and MOL are eager to get the word out about their value-added services, other carriers are not so quick to promote their capabilities.
Likewise, many of ANZDL's value-added services are handled through partnerships with other companies that are experts in a particular service, says Speakman.
International On-Time Information Customer Ocean Carriers Performance Value Technology Service MOL 11.19 8.98 3.67 6.92 OOCL 10.89 8.89 3.56 6.77 Columbus Line 10.76 8.94 3.38 6.93 Crowley Liner Services 10.59 8.48 3.56 6.80 Seaboard Marine 10.21 9.18 3.46 6.65 ANZDL 10.51 8.83 3.50 6.74 Atlantic Container Line 10.90 8.96 3.61 6.42 Canada Maritime 10.94 8.83 3.44 6.63 Cast North America 10.65 9.10 3.39 6.49 Hyundai Merchant Marine 10.58 8.80 3.38 6.46 Maersk Sealand 10.59 8.12 3.57 6.39 Hapag-Lloyd 10.44 8.17 3.47 6.31 Italian Line 9.73 8.60 3.58 6.65 Mediterranean Shipping Co.
The first was implemented last year with the introduction of the Vessel Sharing Agreement, which allowed ANZDL to lower its systems costs and offer shippers improved, twice-weekly service in the trade with direct calls into the Australian ports of Melbourne and Sydney.
The second took place earlier this year with the relocation of ANZDL's headquarters from Santa Ana, California to parent company CP Ships' U.S.