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AO1Audience of One
AO1Assessment Objective 1 (secondary education exam)
AO1Aviation Ordnanceman First Class (Naval rating)
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Caption: AO1 Timothy Lopez shares recent continuous process improvements with Naval Aviation Enterprise leaders in the jet shop of USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) during the ship's 23 September boots-on-deck event.
If any of the temperatures drop significantly, then AO1 is the chilled-water valve signal, and AO2 is the heating-water valve signal.
AO3 (comparison) and AO4 (context) have a part to play, but I want to focus primarily on AO1 and AO2 first of all.
The Commission recommend[ed] that Norway [should proceed] to establish the outer limits of the continental shelf from fixed point AO94 to fixed point AO1 of the Western Nansen Basin area accordingly.
Whether the Customer was also the William Byrd whose name appears in London, Public Record Office, AO1.
AO1 Joshua Donohue was named the CVW-9 Sailor of the Year on 25 January.
AO1 Miguel Trejo and AEAN Gregory Schroeder, both assigned to VFA-14, do pre-flight checks on an FA-18E aboard USS Nimitz (CVN-68).
AO1 Respond to texts, sensitively, critically and in detail, selecting appropriate ways to present their response, using textual evidence as appropriate
AO1 Michael Everman, assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 11, Det.
AO1 Michael Haines from the office of the Aviation Ordnance Safety Supervisor (AOSS), at Naval Surface Force, Atlantic, took part in the test as one of three aviation-ordnance safety advisors.
AO1 Brewer was named NOLSC's Sailor of the Year for serving as the command's Ammunition Pacific Leading Petty Officer, Acting Marine Corps Amphibious Ordnance Officer, Littoral Combat Ship Ordnance Distance Support Program Manager, Aviation Carrier Strike Group Coordinator, and Expeditionary Strike Group Coordinator.
We had everything needed for the job: a speed-handle, the proper 7/16-inch socket to unlock the BRU, four people--including me--to assist lowering the tank, and an AO1 CDI to drop the tank.