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AO2Army of Two (gaming)
AO2Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class (Naval rating)
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Not finished with the task at hand, AO2 Vincent and AN Spears organized a working party and expeditiously unloaded the pod and drop tank, properly torqued both pylons to specifications, and launched the aircraft to Navy Fallon less than two hours after its scheduled launch.
It could be known from the branch of 5 genera of ingroup that the geographic populations of AE (AE1~AE8), EN (EN1~EN3) and AO (AO1 and AO2) clustered into a clade, respectively.
Key event Event description Exposure IE Arsenic Exposure Molecular KE1 Decreased DNA methylation KE2 Increased DNA methylation of TP53 promoter KE3 Decreased TP53 gene expression Cellular/Tissue KE4 Increased DNA damage KE5 Increased DNA mutation Organ KE6 Increased tumors Individual AO1 Diabetes AO2 Cancer Key event Key event relationship Exposure IE Sources of human exposure to inorganic arsenic (iAs) include drinking water, diet, air, and soils (which can contain naturally occurring arsenic or contamination from anthropogenic sources).
The primary instrument for atmospheric [O.sub.2] measurements was the NCAR airborne oxygen instrument (AO2), which uses a vacuum ultraviolet absorption technique to make high-precision and fast-response O, measurements and includes a low-precision C[O.sub.2] sensor to enable dilution corrections of the [O.sub.2] signal (Stephens et al.
reported that Calsurf treatment of NRDS, which was safe and effective, could improve oxygenation and ventilation, and both the results of chest X-ray film and a/AO2 were significantly improved 8-24 hour after administration.14 a/ AO2, which can be used as an indicator for RDS diagnosis and treatment, can reflect the anoxic status under oxygen uptake conditions, the ventilation function and the pulmonary vascular bed and alveolar damage, which is associated with good pulmonary blood flow but has no correlation with extrapulmonary organ failure.15,16 In this study, there were significant differences in OI and a/AO2 between the two groups 12 hour after treatment (P<0.01), and the difference of a/AO2 also had statistical significance (P<0.01).