AOAAAnnotations of an Autopsy (band)
AOAAAminooxyacetic Acid (biochemistry)
AOAAAlaska Outdoor Access Alliance (Palmer, AK)
AOAAAirman Apprentice, Aviation Ordnanceman Striker (Naval rating)
AOAAArizona Occupational Administrators Association (community colleges, Phoenix, AZ)
AOAAAnticonvulsant Effect of Aminooxyacetic Acid (pharmacology)
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Secondly, L-cysteine and SAM significantly raised the level of [[[Ca.sup.2+]].sub.i] in the medullary neurons while HA and/or AOAA produced a reversal effect.
On the other hand, L-cysteine and SAM significantly raised the level of [Ca in the medullary neurons while HA and/or AOAA produced a reversal effect.
(d) Group data showed the effects of endogenous [H.sub.2]S on AOAA (another inhibitor of CBS).
Hydrogen sulfide production in response to 5 X [10.sup.-3] M 5HT was measured in gills exposed to either 1 mM propargylglycine (PAG), an inhibitor of cystathionine-[gamma]-lyase, or 1 mM aminooxyacetic acid (AOAA), an inhibitor of cystathionine-[beta]-synthase.
AOAA was also ineffective as an inhibitor, but the permeability of cell membranes to AOAA is in question (Hosoki et al., 1997), and the Mercenaria experiments were carried out on whole tissues rather than homogenates.
-- Abdelfattah Elsisi (@AlsisiOfficial) aoaa [euro][euro] [euro][logical not]aa[euro] [euro]y[euro]i aoaaaia* Moreover, during his speech at the UNSC, Sisi called for the enforcement of an agreement enhancing peace signed by the United Nations and African Union last April.
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By Ibrahim AlloushWhile in the USA, an Arab or a Muslim may hear many an American protest: AoAa but the Christians have the Vatican, and the Muslims have Mecca; so why canAAEt the Jews have Jerusalem?!Ao The implied condemnation in that rhetorical question naturally turns Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and supporters of the Palestinian cause everywhere into contemptible fanatic poachers, Aoanti-semiticAo to be sure, who are conspiring with the rest of the world to deny Judaism a holy center of faith of its own!By extension, the following question is also frequently posed: AoWhy are Arabs and Muslims so incensed that the Jews are digging for the Temple of Solomon beneath Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock?!Ao Read: what do you have to hide?
A series of appendices chart these structures marking in passing that AoAa the Palestine Royal Commission Report of 1937 understood AaeThe Agency (Jewish) is obviously not a governing body; it can only advise and cooperate in a certain wide field.AAE But allied as it is with the Vaad Leumi, and commanding the allegiance of the great majority of the Jews in Palestine, it unquestionably exercises, both in Jerusalem and in London, a considerable influence on the conduct of governmentAo.