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Before moving on to a full collaborative study, it must first be shown that the method can perform satisfactorily in a single laboratory, so it must undergo a "single laboratory validation" (SLV) since the existing validation data often does not meet AOACI's requirements.
When AOACI attempts to validate a method, it measures certain qualities about the method--referred to as "performance characteristics." Performance characteristics are "the functional qualities and statistical measures of the degree of reliability exhibited by the method under specified operating conditions" (AOACI Guidelines for Single Laboratory Validation, 2003).
AOACI will help to identify a study coordinator and validating laboratory for the SLV.
A collaborative study requires at least eight participating laboratories, and will often involve more--AOACI usually tries to target at least 12 laboratories in case some drop out or there are any "outliers." All Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) of the AOACI have undergone full collaborative studies.