AOADArab Organization for Agricultural Development
AOADAIDS Orphans Assistance Database (Burlington, MA)
AOADArmy Organic Air Defense
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Here, we describe the clinical and neuroradiological features of three patients with genetically confirmed AOAD from the same family
Ee The participants commended the arrangements as well as the facilities provided by His Majesty's government to organise AOAD General Assembly's and Executive Board's meetings, which have a great impact on the success of the meetings and helped in reaching out to resolutions that contribute in enhancing the joint Arab agricultural action.
At the bottom, the AOAD report indicates Kuwait and Qatar, with nearly 312,000 and 335,000 trees respectively, then Palestine with nearly 301,000, Mauritania with 600,000 and Syria with approximately 85,000 T.
Echarhan praised the exemplary level of co-operation between AOAD and Tunisia, saying that success of achieved projects shows the symbiosis between both sides.
What complicates the problem is that most wealthy Arab nations are still reluctant to invest heavily in farming projects in fertile member states for political and security reasons while only about 12 per cent of the total available arable land in the region is exploited, says AOAD.
A memorandum of understanding was signed between the AOAD and Arab Radios Federation to support and encourage cooperation in agricultural media field and direct it to serve agricultural development issues.
The purpose of the AOAD is to facilitate cooperation among organizations and individuals assisting children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and their caregivers.
During the meeting, they reviewed the outcomes of the 37th meeting of AOAD Executive Council which was held yesterday in Nouakchott under the chairmanship of Dr.
Lawzi meets Hreish * Director General of Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) Salem Lawzi received on Sunday Director General of OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Suleiman Hreish, who said that OFID's contribution to AOAD projects reached $2.
Tariq bin Moosa al- Zadjali, Director General of AOAD delivered a speech where he said that the network aims at enhancing cooperation among Arab countries in the field of sustainable management of grazes and encouraging sharing of expertise among member countries.
Speaking during the opening session of the first meeting of officials and experts of camels in the Arab World, organised today at the Mercure Grand Hotel in Al Seef District by AOAD in association with the Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry, the Minister called for the need to consolidate coordination among Arab countries regarding scientific research, exchange of expertise and transfer of technology in the field of camels' elevation and nutrition in order to ensure the best use of such an animal resource and increase its productivity in terms of meat and milk.
The two-day long session will discuss an agenda including 20 items on the technical and administrative aspects of AOAD.