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AOBAnnals of Botany
AOBAlgemene Onderwijsbond
AOBAny Other Business
AOBAce of Base (band)
AOBAssociation of Brewers
AOBAmmonia Oxidizing Bacteria
AOBAccessory Olfactory Bulb
AOBAt or Below (aviation)
AOBAssignment of Benefits
AOBAlcohol On Breath
AOBAir Order of Battle
AOBAngle Of Bank
AOBAnnual Operating Budget
AOBAstronomical Observatory, Belgrade
AOBAssociation Ornithologique de Belgique (French: Ornithological Association of Belgium)
AOBAnterior Open Bite (dentistry)
AOBAdjusted Occupied Bed
AOBAppellant's Opening Brief
AOBAll Other Business
AOBadvanced operations base (US DoD)
AOBAway on Business (hospitality discount program)
AOBAlliance of Baptists
AOBArt of Books (bookseller website)
AOBAngle On the Bow
AOBArray of Bytes (computer code)
AOBAndy O'Brien (Irish soccer player)
AOBApproved Operating Budget
AOBaviation operations branch (US DoD)
AOBAudio of Being (Matthew Good album)
AOBArt of Business
AOBAirfield Operations Board
AOBAlternate Operating Base
AOBAirfield Operations Battalion (US Army Aviation)
AOBAmicale Ornithologique du Blavet (French ornithological association)
AOBAir Operations Branch
AOBAnalog Output Board
AOBAnalytical Operations Branch
AOBAdiabatic Oxygen Bomb (calorimeter)
AOBAuxiliary Order Board
AOBAngle Of Bearing
AOBAlignment Outlet Box(es)
AOBAsymptotic Optimal Boundary
AOBAlcohol on Board (healthcare)
AOBAll Out Bombing (gang)
AOBAgenda on Board
AOBAnnouncer on Board (advertising)
AOBAll on Board
AOBArchdiocese of Baltimore (Catholic Church)
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The GLM selected a combination of pH, total N, and AOA : AOB gene copy number ratio as the best model to fit measured soil PNR; this was among all models consisting of any set of the candidate variables.
As we decelerated to 300 knots and 30 degrees AOB, the separation continued to increase, so we squawked normal and tried to get picked up for a full stop.
This is a relative unit of abundance; it expresses the amount of AOA or AOB amoA genes as a fraction of the overall community (expressed as total mass of DNA extracted).
A partnership with AOB Med Spa seamlessly fits with our own personal core philosophies of real results achieved through individualized treatment options and outstanding customer service," said Dr.
To be able to witness my vision - that creativity can help you navigate the unique challenges posed by brain cancer -- come to life in the first ever AOB art show is particularly special," said Kaufman.
Percussionist, composer, and improviser Cory Hills created The Rhythm of Life piece for AOB to recreate both the MRI experience and the emotional process behind fighting brain cancer.
Promoting and marketing the AOB Business Incubator to potential clients and attracting clients who require a supportive environment with flexible lease arrangement that meet the criteria for entry.
Parents and friends will be invited to pledge a predetermined dollar value to AOB based upon the grades their student will receive on his or her next report card.
Under the agreement, AOB will transfer to the joint venture production contracts with approximately six thousand integrated farmers for the upcoming 2011/2012 crop.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of damaged flooring and internal painting of IT section in AOB Building and aluminium partition cabin for Union office at Telecom Factory Deonar, Mumbai-88 (3rd Call).