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AOBAll on Board
AOBAnnals of Botany
AOBAlgemene Onderwijsbond
AOBAny Other Business
AOBAs on Board (shipping)
AOBAmerican Oriental Bioengineering (pharmaceuticals)
AOBAudio Object
AOBAudio Output Board
AOBAll on a Bitch (business motto)
AOBAce of Base (band)
AOBArchdiocese of Baltimore (Catholic Church)
AOBAssociation of Brewers
AOBAmmonia Oxidizing Bacteria
AOBAccessory Olfactory Bulb
AOBAt or Below (aviation)
AOBAdvanced Operations Base (US DoD)
AOBAssignment of Benefits
AOBAustrian Ombudsman Board (est. 1977)
AOBAlcohol On Breath
AOBAviation Operations Branch (US DoD)
AOBAir Order of Battle
AOBAngle Of Bank
AOBAnnual Operating Budget
AOBAstronomical Observatory, Belgrade
AOBAssociation Ornithologique de Belgique (French: Ornithological Association of Belgium)
AOBAnterior Open Bite (dentistry)
AOBArts Off Broadway (San Diego, CA)
AOBAdjusted Occupied Bed
AOBAppellant's Opening Brief
AOBAll Other Business
AOBAttack on Babylon
AOBAway on Business (hospitality discount program)
AOBAlliance of Baptists
AOBArt of Books (bookseller website)
AOBAngle On the Bow
AOBArray of Bytes (computer code)
AOBAndy O'Brien (Irish soccer player)
AOBApproved Operating Budget
AOBAudio of Being (Matthew Good album)
AOBArt of Business
AOBAirfield Operations Board
AOBAlternate Operating Base
AOBAirfield Operations Battalion (US Army Aviation)
AOBAmicale Ornithologique du Blavet (French ornithological association)
AOBAnalog Output Board
AOBAir Operations Branch
AOBAnalytical Operations Branch
AOBAngle Of Bearing
AOBAdiabatic Oxygen Bomb (calorimeter)
AOBAuxiliary Order Board
AOBAlignment Outlet Box(es)
AOBAlliance of Brothers (gaming guild)
AOBAlcohol on Board (healthcare)
AOBAsymptotic Optimal Boundary
AOBAuthorization of Billing (Medicare)
AOBAgenda on Board
AOBAll Out Bombing (gang)
AOBAnnouncer on Board (advertising)
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There was no significant difference in long-term stability of corrected AOB and type of malocclusion.
If, on the first approach, you are unable to fly a constant 30-degree AoB turn to cross the 90-degree position on speed and on altitude--for example, it took 45 degrees of bank to make it to the 90-degree position--then you were too close-in on your downwind.
Reynolds was scheduled to speak at the Children's Book Guild of Washington, D.C., They readily made time in their schedules for more AOB events, including a visit to Luke Moore High School, a school specifically for students aged seventeen to twenty who have dropped out of high school and are ready to re-engage and complete their high school degree.
That vendor assures the homeowner they are there to help, but they cannot start work unless the homeowner signs a work authorization form which, unbeknownst to the homeowner, contains AOB language granting the water extractor all the proceeds of their insurance policy, including the right to sue the insurance company.
Selection of AOB and NOB was conducted by preparing 6 day old isolates on AOB and NOB broth media.
AOB require oxygen to carry out nitrification and synthesis of cellular material.
El AOB y la GD se determinaron entre la [12.sup.da] y [13.sup.ra] costilla, transversalmente a la columna vertebral.
Recently, we have proposed that AN in the AOB of female mice plays a critical role in the achievement of this memory process [12], which implies a direct link with reproductive behavior.
"The AOB section gives a platform to less common breeds.
His high cruising speed and turn of foot can secure the spoils for AOB. ReubenH Sarafina to win.
In arable soils, most of the ammonia oxidation is carried out by autotrophic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) (Barraclough & Puff, 1995).
Let AOB be a triangle in the three dimensional Euclidean space [R.sup.3].