AOBEAlpha Omega Beginning Ending (clothing brand)
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In addition to an urgent meeting on these issues, the AOBE also urge the ruling coalition council to immediately discuss all the negative consequences and to declare a refusal to pass the relevant decisions in the course of adopting the state budget and the budget of the State Social Security.
He said that Megrahi, who has advanced prostate cancer, should Aobe released on compassionate grounds and allowed to return to Libya to dieAo.
Sunspot: Emcee silence, Aobe, that's my little homie.
On May 16, 2007, the London Telegraph reported that Bush regime official John Bolton told the Telegraph that a US military attack on Iran would Aobe a Aaelast optionAAE after economic sanctions and attempts to foment a popular revolution had failed.Ao We are now witnessing in Tehran US Aoattempts to foment a popular revolutionAo in the guise of another CIA orchestrated Aocolor revolutionAo.Aa It is possible that splits among the mullahs themselves brought about by their rival ambitionsAa will aid and abet what the Telegraph (May 27, 2007) reported were AoCIA plans for a propaganda and disinformation campaign intended to destabilize, and eventually topple, the theocratic rule of the mullahsAo.Aa It is certainly a fact that the secularized youth of Tehran have played into the CIAAAEs hands.