AOBPAmerican Osteopathic Board of Pediatrics (Chicago, IL)
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QGC001/3QG2 is expected to enroll 750 difficult-to-treat or resistant hypertensive patients with systolic AOBP above 140 mmHg.
If at that point their AOBP was more than 140/90 mm Hg they were bumped up to 500 mg b.i.d.
The primary endpoint was change from baseline in systolic AOBP at 8 weeks.
Mr Lloyd said: "Since inception, the AOBP has always stood for higher standards in the industry and acted to provide a focus point for the industry to talk to government and regulators.
An AOBP spokesperson said: "We are delighted to welcome Ben Lloyd to the executive committee, along with our other new members.
Blood pressure measurements obtained using an AOBP monitor do not require auscultation.
During the first 8 months of the project, 435 (52%) of 836 patients with previously undiagnosed and untreated hypertension received a hypertension diagnosis using the algorithm alerts and confirmatory AOBP readings across the system's 23 primary care clinics.
With the decision to rely on the AOBP machine, the team was ready to reach out to the patients who satisfied the algorithms to see if they were truly hypertensive.
And for a final touch, they turned a mannequin into a bloody torso and attached it to a billboard: AoBP took our arms.
AoBP is stabilizing its financial position so it can handle cleanup costs and damages.Ao BP stock rose 1.4 percent on Wednesday, closing at $31.85 a share.