AODAAlcohol and Other Drug Abuse (treatment programs)
AODAAncient Order of Druids in America
AODAAmerican Overseas Dietetic Association
AODAAdministrative Office of the District Attorneys (New Mexico)
AODAAttack Operations Decision Aid
AODAAir/Ocean Data Assimilation
AODAAccessibility for Ontarians with Disabilites Act (Canada)
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Substance use disorders affect approximately 25-50% of all VR consumers (Donnell, Mizelle, & Zheng, 2009) and a study observing trends in the RSA-9/11 data set found that individuals with AODA problems receiving VR services experienced a success rate of 55% (McAweeney, Keferl, Moore, & Wagner, 2008).
As standards are continually developed and implemented in coming years, Ontario's planners, architects, and urban/community designers (henceforth collectively referred to as AODA actors (1)) will need to continually learn about and address requirements of accessibility standards, as well as account for disability to an extent that is unprecedented in the history of Ontario.
This searching and intelligent book will hopefully assist the advocacy efforts of people like Donna Thomson and groups like the AODA Alliance in obligating our governments (both provincial and federal) to create the kind of caring and mutually responsible country that Canada has the potential to be.
As stated in the AODA, an independent review of the legislation will occur every four years.
To identify the need to follow up generated signals, one must know the positive predictive value of AODA.
There are significant barriers that often accompany attempts to implement, maintain, and sustain evidence-based practice in community-based mental health and AODA settings.
The Illinois AODA Waiver Demonstration Project tested a model of intensive case management using recovery coaches.
Section two focuses on aspects of service delivery, with articles on religion as a caregiving system for Puerto Rican elders; Puerto Rican food establishments as social service organizations; Puerto Rican elders and botanical shops; and, Hispanic natural support systems and AODA.
Table 6 below provides mean scores for their behaviors under the heading AODA, while the means for fathers who did not have those addictions are provided in the column NON AODA.
Hispanic natural support systems and the AODA field: A developmental framework for collaboration.
A judge is going to assume the disability is AODA [alcohol and other drug abuse] related, unless you can prove otherwise.
This project seeks to identify a comprehensive , research-based, web-based Title IX-compliant training for faculty, staff and students with modules that will address identification, prevention and response to sexual violence, including sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and sexual harassment; promotion of healthy relationships,, bystander intervention, and AODA.