AODAAlcohol and Other Drug Abuse (treatment programs)
AODAAncient Order of Druids in America
AODAAmerican Overseas Dietetic Association
AODAAdministrative Office of the District Attorneys (New Mexico)
AODAAttack Operations Decision Aid
AODAAir/Ocean Data Assimilation
AODAAccessibility for Ontarians with Disabilites Act (Canada)
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The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has worked to meet its January 1, 2016 deadline for compliance with the AODA in ensuring its public spaces and public information are accessible.
Likewise, gainful employment has been one of the strongest predictors of AODA recovery and substance abuse treatment success (Platt, 1995; Magura & Staines, 2004; West, 2008).
As standards are continually developed and implemented in coming years, Ontario's planners, architects, and urban/community designers (henceforth collectively referred to as AODA actors (1)) will need to continually learn about and address requirements of accessibility standards, as well as account for disability to an extent that is unprecedented in the history of Ontario.
This searching and intelligent book will hopefully assist the advocacy efforts of people like Donna Thomson and groups like the AODA Alliance in obligating our governments (both provincial and federal) to create the kind of caring and mutually responsible country that Canada has the potential to be.
As stated in the AODA, an independent review of the legislation will occur every four years.
To determine efficacy of automatic outbreak detection algorithms (AODAs), we analyzed 3,582 AODA signals and 4,427 reports of outbreaks caused by Campylobacter spp.
5% Family Risk Factors Family History of AODA Use 72.
151) AODA responded by submitting "some statistical evidence that tends to debunk this theory.
Stakeholders who are the key players in this process include mental health and AODA authorities (funders) who create administrative rules and financial incentives, administrators of the organizations who develop policies and set priorities, the practitioners who provide the direct care, and consumers and their families.
Ideology and the stagnation of AODA treatment modalities in America.
To test a service integration model for the growing numbers of substance-involved families in the Illinois child welfare system, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (IDCFS) initiated a Title IV-E AODA Waiver Demonstration Project in April 2000.
The AODA Alliance will concentrate its efforts on ensuring that the new statute will be clearly understood by the disability community, and that citizens who care about the removal of barriers are encouraged to participate in the standards development process.