AODBAirport Operational Database (Air-Transport IT Services, Inc.)
AODBAir Operations Database
AODBAmerican Organization for the Development of Bihar (San Francisco, CA; est. 1992)
AODBAutomated Operation Data Bank (economics)
AODBAmerican Stock Exchange Options Display Book
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An AODB is the central database or repository for all operative systems and provides all flight-related data accurately and efficiently in a real-time environment to approved users.
The new AODB will be integrated with the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system at Chengdu Airport.
These include the iMUSETM common-use passenger check-in and departure system; the IP-enabled AirVUETM flight information display system (FIDS); AirDBTM airport operational database (AODB); and LocalCheckTM local DCS for airlines without host connections.
The database schema design is identical to that of the HKIA's airport operational database (AODB).
It comprises solutions from the Airport Systems portfolio - Airport Operational Database (AODB), Resource Management System (RMS) and Integration Broker (IB).
The company says it has a special focus on system integration (AODB, information brokerage) and process improvement with paperless options from flight scheduling and resource management up to aeronautical billing.
The new AODB was integrated with the global Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network.
Contract notice: Modernization of airport information systems for airports managed by tahiti airport (acquisition, deployment, warranty and maintenance) .this consultation is part of a larger program for the renewal of the is of the egis group~s airport concessions in the aodb, rms area.
The ACDB delivers real-time data around the entire passenger process via implementation of a best of breed sensory network that includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Thermal Image tracking-Like its AODB predecessor, the ACDB consolidates data multiple sources, providing a single source of information for key operational metrics.
The programme also features an option for a rich aviation operation statistics data feed into Airport Operational Database (AODB) systems.
in addition, it serves as a central data distributor for all other operational systems at the airport (airport operational database, aodb).
The program also includes the option for a rich aviation operation statistics data feed into Airport Operational Database (AODB) systems.