AODBAirport Operational Database (Air-Transport IT Services, Inc.)
AODBAir Operations Database
AODBAmerican Organization for the Development of Bihar (San Francisco, CA; est. 1992)
AODBAutomated Operation Data Bank (economics)
AODBAmerican Stock Exchange Options Display Book
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Unisys said it also led the overall systems integration and interface design, testing, and commissioning for the new Terminal 2 and the integration of the new AODB with Terminal 1.
The Chroma Airport Suite also incorporates AODB, FIDS, RMS, demand forecasting and in-depth business intelligence.
As a part of the FIPS module, telex processing also allows for the interpretation of incoming telexes, updating the appropriate data in the AODB and making it accessible to the users.
ISO Software Systeme, Europe's leading supplier of airport management solutions, shows: SKY-Base: AODB with Flight Data Management, Billing, Reporting, Cargo Handling and new web-based user interfaces; SKY-Connect: The Connectivity Suite of SKY-Base; SKY-Billing: Airport billing with mySAP[R]ERP; SKY-BI: Airport Business Intelligence; Electronic invoicing with XML4aero and SKY-CDM: Collaborative Decision Making.
In addition, the deal includes system integration products and services to interface existing airport systems to the AODB.
In addition to AODB and message broker, the modules for flight planning, contract management and billing have been successfully implemented here.
The pages we currently use have several sources of information: dynamic information is provided by the AODB (Airport Operational DataBase), user-driven information can be defined and distributed by a content management system (as is common in the internet environment), and static information (such as the gate number, etc) is part of the HTML page itself.
The general airport staff, who use the equipment, expect the FIDS or AODB to be easy to operate and configure when required.
The airport seeks a suitable supplier to offer an AODB (airport operational database) system, giving the functionality to support FIDS and ATC movements, aeronautical billing, movement scheduling and administration, dynamic digital display and signage.
The AODB does just this, and provides the `feel-good' factor.
Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBIA) is looking for a suitable supplier to provide an AODB system providing the functionality to support FIDS and ATC Movements, Aeronautical Billing, Movement Scheduling and Administration, Dynamic Digital Display and Signage, Resource Management Scheduling (RMS) and Systems Integration and Performance.