AODDAir Operated Double Diaphragm
AODDAlcohol and Other Drug Dependence (addiction)
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The addition of All-Flo enhances PSG's AODD pump portfolio and expands its geographic and channel reach.
In reality, though, these characteristics have also allowed AODD pumps to be extremely effective in more delicate liquid-handling applications.
One of the critical components of the tanks is the AODD pump used to irrigate the fruit cap during fermentation.
Designed with systematic features that help to optimize performance, Aeron's AODD exhibits a low pulsating stall-free modular air valve and a smooth transition.
Wilden says that due to its revolutionary design, the patent-pending Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS allows Wilden AODD pumps to achieve up to a 60 percent savings in air consumption over all competitive AODD pump technologies, while providing greater product yield per standard cubic fool per minute (SCFM).
Wilden offers its Stallion Series Solids Handling Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pump.
India, March 15 -- Wilden has offered PX800 Advanced Series Stainless Steel AODD Pump.
AOdd mam yn neud lot efo''r ardd ac o''n i''n helpu 'chydig arni hi.
Kremlin by Exel offers a variety of double diaphragm pumps, including: PDM 0.175, suitable for short- or tow-pressure circulation loops; PDM 0.175, for large plants with dedicated colors; PMP 150, available in pail or wall-mounted configurations; PMP 150, suitable for manual finishing applications; and AODD pumps, low-pressure circulating systems that transfer materials from one location to another.
KEY WORDS: Alcohol and other drug disorder (AODD); genetic theory of AOD use (AODU), brain; genetics and heredity; gene knockout technology; RNA interference (RNAi), small hairpin RNAS (shRNAs), viral delivery systems; lentivirus; oligonucleotides