AODOAlcohol and Other Drug Office
AODOAeronautical Operational Data Office
AODOAldehyde-Osmium-DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide)-Osmium
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AoDo we really think politicians canAAEt solve this dilemma without sending kids to war?
NIIHAU, HawaiiAuTell people youAAEre going to Niihau, and they invariably exclaim, AoNo way!Ao Or, AoDo you know the Robinsons?AoYes, way, and I do not know the Robinsons.And even though now IAAEve been to Niihau, I canAAEt really say I know it either.But I do know that there are few places that I have anticipated visiting for as long and from which IAAEve come away so changed.Since my days as a child on Oahu, IAAEve known Niihau as the Forbidden Island.
By Ann PowersAoThis is a song full of metaphors,Ao Robbie Williams sneers over some dusted-off mid-1970s guitar crunch in the party anthem AoDo You MindAo, which comes right in the middle of this bullishly diverse album.
But what was he so violently allergic to?At an appointment the following day, Eapen asked a crucial question: AoDo you remember if you had beef when you had shellfish?Ao The answer, Newell said, was yes, every time.Eapen said he thought he knew what was wrong.
Hari asks, AoDo we expect starving Somalians to stand passively on their beaches, paddling in our nuclear waste, and watch us snatch their fish to eat in restaurants in London and Paris and Rome?
Instead, numerous spectators marveled over the ballet-like performance of the 328i convertibleAAEs automatically retractable hard top, urging me, AoDo it again!Ao As Rev.
As the Berlin-based newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel, has now reported, the defendant, the Russian-German Alexander W, had asked Marwa in the courtroom: AoDo you have a right to be in Germany at all?Ao Then he threatened her: AoWhen the NPD comes to power, thereAAEll be an end to that.
AoDo you take a shower in a jacket and tie?AoAuSilvio Berlusconi, Italian Prime Minister, responding to a radio interviewer when quizzed about the photos of topless women sunbathing at his Sardinia estate.
However, CBREAAEs opinion is that the government Aodoes not have the resources to meet the housing demands of a rapidly growing, relatively low-income