AODPAssociation of Operating Department Practitioners
AODPAlcohol and Other Drugs Program (intervention and prevention)
AODPArab Organisation of Disabled People (Beirut, Lebanon)
AODPAdvanced Ocean Drilling Program
AODPAir Operated Diaphragm Pump
AODPAlcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program
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Moving to a discussion of these results, the purpose of this study was to explore participants' views of terminology used in the AODP field and the types of meanings drawn from these often-used terms.
Based on the results of this study, the authors concluded that further research in the area of terminology in the AODP field is needed.
Here is how John Hewson, AODP chairman, sums it up in a written introduction to this year's report:
Such is the sheer scale and potential reach of climate risk that any fund cannot claim to be looking after the long-term interests of its beneficiaries if it is not managing the components of climate risk," says John Hewson, AODP chairman.
The X rating was awarded when AODP researchers could discover no positive evidence that a fund was managing climate change risk.
One purpose of the above AODP (2006) and the NMC (2006) standards is to ensure that all students who complete their programmes are fit for practice.
The AODP (2006) qualifications framework and the NMC (2006) standards identify outcomes which clearly demonstrate the accountability of mentors when making assessment decisions which will lead to students' entry onto a professional register.